Ray Brown

Becoming Nobody

Becoming Nobody is the quintessential part of becoming one with the Universe. We come to understand how our old roles and disguises become increasingly burdensome on our souls preventing us from reaching our authentic selves. In this podcast, I explore the layers that prevent you from becoming nobody, becoming one with yourself and the universe.

Discovering The Power Within

Discovering The Power Within: The power inside us all stems from a higher vibration. A higher source of energy, that’s all around us. To understand the power within, you must first understand who you are and how you’re connected within yourself and with everything around you. How the energies of people affect you, change you, […]

Strange Energies

Strange Energies, what are they?  How do they affect us?  How they disrupt our sleep. How to make yourself stronger to avoid getting affected by them! This podcast focused on what we do as human beings to cause strange energies to come into our lives and what we can do to keep them away.

Balance, Peace, Purpose

Finding Balance, Peace and Purpose in Life is not easy.  It’s a journey to one’s inner self, as well as to outer self-reflection.  It starts here, with Balance: Owning it, Energy and Health Podcast Episode. Listen to the Podcast below where Ray Brown discusses, ‘The Balance: Starting Point‘ of the series to “Finding Balance, Peace […]

Loving Yourself

Life is how we define it to be.  It’s not about where you’ve been, but where you’re going… sounds like a line from a movie… it most probably might be.  Being single or a single parent is not easy these days.  So much is coming at you at all times.  If you didn’t spend any […]

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