Ray Brown

Toxic Effects of Social Media

Toxic Effects of Social Media podcast by Ray Brown. Mental Illness is real and the toxic effects of Social Media and the Pandemic upon humanity are also real. I share with you some facts based on research on what’s happened to humanity. Why? Enjoy the podcast. My podcast takes highlights from Sam Vaknin’s video here […]

Echoes Create Our Thoughts

Echoes create our thoughts podcast by Ray Brown. Echoes are vibrations that you create, that others create from your thoughts, intentions, and addictions that transform your body, mind and soul. Echoes are also vibrations from nature and the universe. Let’s talk about what echoes are and how they take over us soul, mind and body.

2020: Mental Health Effects On The Mind

2020 Mental Health Effects On the Mind, by Ray Brown. The Mind is a beautiful thing. Our consciousness has limitless dimensions, yet we are limited to reaching those awakenings due to the limits our memories put on us. 2020 has pushed people to go places in their minds that they’ve never gone before. Pushing people […]

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