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We create audiobooks focused on mental health, personal development, spirituality, life & wellness, meditation, relationships, and business with more than 100+ hours of listening.

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Ray Brown had been writing stories on paper since he was a child. Curious about the world, his purpose and wisdom. He had visions of love, relationships, and gifts of healing, remote viewing, astral traveling and projecting.  Born with the gift to read people’s aura’s and energy thoughts.  


The path to psychology, sociology was what he learned to better understand society and human conditioning.  Wisdom from mystics and shamans expanded his awareness of quantum collective consciousness and entanglement. 


The internet presented an opportunity to connect people across the world, which that being said, Ray’s experience in media, amassing over 9 million followers to the brands he created, creating multiple businesses from 2000 to 2014, and taking one of his companies public in the US in 2015.  He understood the intention behind media, the internet and capitalism. 

From 2016 onwards, Ray focused deeper on the secrets of healing, shadow and dark energy, the fabric of time, atoms and molecules making up everything around us and how they’re connected to universal consciousness. 

“Ray Brown is such joy ... to be cherished, handled with care, read and reread and handed down to the next generation”

tracy ford / founder

There are many variations of passages of lost words floating around in the ether, but the majority of humanity’s consciousness has forgotten those messages and conversations. The suffering is not random events that are needed for the body to transform.

The mind does not suffer, as it controls the conscious state of awareness.  The mind is the conditioning of thoughts and processes, that link to the body’s nervous system.  The body is listening to the mind and other frequencies internal and external that impacts its health and wellbeing.  

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