Ray Brown

Author, Quantum Energy Expert and Mystic.

Ray Brown is a Canadian author. Born in India to a father opposed to women’s rights, and raised by women, he never gave into the hate projected on him all his life. He spent his days working odd jobs exploring and finding himself or listening to his mother’s folktales, a self-taught mystic, and gifted Starseed. He was fourteen the first time he read a book, “Tuesdays with Morrie.”

After exploring psychology, he pursued working at a think tank for a short period, and then launched a magazine in 2000 and subsequently winning a few awards and write-ups in trade magazines about his impact and success. He took a video streaming company public, in 2014, and in 2015 resigned walking away from over $2.5 billion dollars. He returned to podcasting and writing in 2016 after two years break exploring the deep realms of spirituality, dark energy within the consciousness, and the frequency in which humanity is governed.

‘I found Ray’s work Refreshing to listen to . . . this was not what I was expecting.  I’m happy the Universe directed me here.’

Sarah R