Ray Brown

Author, writer, and podcaster.

Ray Brown is an author, writer, and podcaster. Born in India, and raised in Canada to a single mother raising her six children. He saw the violence, and struggles of being an immigrant, during his days working in fields picking berries. Ray is a self-taught entrepreneur and father. He was sixteen the first time he wrote his first novel.

After that first chapter in his life, he pursued psychology for a decade, learning how the mind works, and then working with a think tank in 1998 to understand the art of content and using methodologies to allure users towards an idea or product. He launched his first publishing company in 1999, and in 2015 took everything digital. In 2014 he took one of his video content companies public. Ray resigned in 2015 and has been focused on podcasting and audiobooks that help transform people’s lives, energy and consciousness.

‘I found myself inspired by the words . . . this was not what I was expecting. It was more’

Sarah M