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With over 10 shows covering Dating, Relationships, Spirituality, Consciousness, Mental Health, and deep thoughts. Ray Brown has a perspective on a lot matters about the mind, our society and purpose!

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I am the guy behind 10 shows, focusing on purpose, the mind, energy, quantum entanglement...

Hello, I am Ray, Your Host.

How did we get here? Well, if you’re here, it’s fair to say, the Universe had a hand in our connection.  We are all travelers, with extraordinary gifts and abilities.  

In my podcasts, which range from consciousness, spirituality, mental health, dating, relationships, current events, and deep-level decoding of our reactions to emotions and projected frequencies from other people, nature that takes us off balance, and our purpose.  I’m here to give you my perspective on what’s going on and share stories from my experiences that span many areas of our lives.  We are all connected in more ways than you can imagine!

Ray Brown

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Rachel Z CEO at RachelZ

Very refreshing indeed. Ray's voice and wisdom are amazing. I tune in every week to listen to new episodes as they help me with answers to questions about my life.

Richard H CTO at PilotD

I love this the Consciousness show, it gives me great insights into my mind, and how others think. I learned a lot about myself listening to Ray.

James E WordPress Designer

I was most of the time lost, trying to figure out my next steps in life, and I was stuck there for over 10 years. Listening to Ray, I found purpose and focus.

Fiona C Yoga/Health

I love mind, body and soul and listening to Ray's thoughts on Yoga, and how we can with our thoughts alter our mind, body, soul was life changing.

Gary K Sports

I have been seeking adventures in nature all my life. Hardly stopping to think what nature is all about, the energy it gives off, and how I have been tapping into it effortlessly. I enjoy Ray's opinions on deep matters.

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